You might want to read up on the Bahamas before your trip, or find a book in the list below that will bring back the wonderful time you had on your last trip!

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Cruising Guide to Abaco, Bahamas 2008 by Steve Dodge.
One of the most useful references about the area with pictures, maps, articles, and advertising.

The Bahamas - Abaco Ports of Call and Anchorages by Tom Henschel, 2000
Covering the Abaco chain of islands from Walkers Cay to Little Harbour, featuring full page aerial photographs of each anchorage. Accompanying text describes marinas and resorts, services available, restaurants, shopping and points of interest for each island. This book is designed to be used in conjunction with cruising guides to the Abacos.

Chance the Tide: How to Cruise to the Bahamas for the Winter by Kenneth D. Mowbray, 2002.
Chance the Tide provides valuable information for a winter cruise to the Bahamas. Mowbray covers the major decisions of choosing the right yacht and equipping it properly. He also provides the reader with many valuable tips to make the trip easier. Most of this information was acquired by personal experience and cannot be found in cruising guides.

Ready About: Voyages of Life in the Abaco Cays by Dave Gale, 2002.
Dave and Phoebe Gale bought the uninhabited five-acre Parrot Cay, near Hope Town, from the Queen of England, forty-five years ago. is a collection of true stories about their Abaco life (Dave says he can't walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without something weird, wacky, or wonderful happening) and a few stories from New York where they married in 1953, a year before moving to the Bahamas.

Homeward Bound: A History of the Bahama Islands to 1850 With a Definitive Study of Abaco in the American Loyalist Plantation Period by Sandra Riley, 2000.
Fascinating historical study, with lots of detail for family trees and genealogy, especially from Virginia and the Carolinas.

The Abaco Guide : Including Central Bahamas and the Bight of Abaco by Stephen Pavlidas, 1998.
There have been many Bahamas cruising guides written but many fall far short of the complete story. The author has spent many years in the Bahamas and this guide is excellent. It includes charts, stories and "local knowlege".

Adventure Guide to the Bahamas (2nd Ed) by Blair Howard
This book does not purport to be exhaustive, and, certainly, it is not. But for the price, it is an excellent introduction to a relatively unknown part of the world, The Bahamas. This group of islands seems to have some of the best fishing, diving, and boating in the world, and you can feel it in these pages, which is a switch from most other bigger, more expensive books.

Dive Sites of the Bahamas by Lawson Wood
Great pictures, comprehensive dive site reviews PLUS the book is loaded with lots of extras that make it one of the best dive books I've seen. Pages of fish ID info with color photos, dive medicine, travel tips -- all in a very attractive package.

The Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide - Updated and Revised by Kim Vletas, Stephen Vletas
This is a comprehensive guide to fly fishing and adventure travel in the Bahamas, with detailed information on lodges, guides, services, tackle, flies, tactics, diving, snorkeling, and adventure travel.

Pelican Guide to the Bahamas (2000 edition) with CD-ROM by Elliott Neal Hester (Editor), James E. Moore
The first completely interactive travel guide, complete with a free interactive CD. This thoroughly updated guide for the independent traveler covers everything of note on the traditional vacation spots, as well as many of the increasingly popular Out Islands.

Fodor's Bahamas2008
Experienced and first-time travelers alike rely on Fodor's Gold Guides for rich, reliable coverage the world over. Updated each year and containing a full-color, foldout Rand McNally map, a Fodor's Gold Guide is an essential tool for any kind of traveler. Smart travel tips and important contact info make Smart travel tips and important contact info make planning your trip a breeze and detailed coverage of sights, accommodations, and restaurants give you the info you need to make your experience enriching and hassle-free. If you only have room for one guide, this is the one for you.

Insight Guide Bahamas
Offering readers personalized itineraries divided into three sections--Nassau, New Providence; Eleuthera and the Family Island; and Freeport, Grand Bahama--a guide to the jewels of the Caribbean reveals their diverse character, glorious beaches, and endless water activities. The photographs are excellent, sharing the Bahamian lifestyle with the viewer. For those that do in-depth research prior to their travels, this is informative covering history and major sites. Highly recommend for the interesting coverage of sites.

Frommers' 2008 Bahamas
The Bahamas boast some of the world's most beautiful beaches, and Frommer's covers them in detail. This easy-to-use guide offers complete coverage of the most popular resort areas--Nassau, Cable Beach, Paradise Island, and Freeport/Lucaya--plus details on the smaller islands that lie off the beaten track so readers know where to get away from it all and enjoy uncrowded beaches. Also included is Turks and Caicos, a terrific destination for diving.

Snorkeling Guide to Marine Life: Florida Caribbean Bahamas by Paul Humann & Ned Deloach
This is a great book for snorkelers and beginning divers! The color photographs are beautiful and make identification easy. Although this small book is nowhere near as comprehensive as Humann's complete reef identification set, it's a great bargain for those wanting to know the names of most of the common things they see when snorkeling in the Caribbean. The book also contains some valuable pointers about which plants and animals should be approached with caution, how to treat stings, and other interesting facts.

Abaco: The History of an Out Island and its Cays by Steve Dodge and Laurie Jones.
This expanded and updated second edition has completely new sections on Lucayan Indians, Wilson City, and contemporary Abaco, and many revisions. This is the only general, comprehensive history of Abaco, Bahamas available; it covers from the geologic formation of the Bahama Banks to the middle 1990s. 112 illustrations, photographs, and maps. Appendix on boat building in Abaco.

The Bahamas-Abaco Ports of Call and Anchorages by Tom Henschel.

Bahamas Out Island Odyssey by Nan Jeffrey.

Man-O-War, my island home: A history of an Outer Abaco Island by Hazel Albury.

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