How often do ferries run?
Albury's Ferry Service has regularly scheduled trips from Marsh Harbour to Man-O-War Cay, Hope Town, Great Guana and Scotland Cays. Click here for the schedule.

Do I need a passport to enter the country?
NEW! After December 31, 2006, all travelers, including U.S. citizens, to and from The Bahamas will be required to have a passport or other accepted document that establishes the bearerís identity and nationality to enter or re-enter the United States. More information is available here.

Until that time, US visitors staying for eight months or less need a return ticket plus a passport (passports expired up to five years may also be used), or a certified birth certificate with an official photo identification; naturalized citizens require naturalization papers and photo identification; permanent residents (green card holders) require their green card and a valid passport from their place of birth. Canadian visitors not staying more than three weeks need the same identification as those from the US All others need a valid passport. Some visitors may also require a visa.

Can I use American dollars?
The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), which is equivalent in value to the US dollar. Both US and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably throughout the islands.

What's the weather like during _________?
The weather is typically moderate -- warmer than Florida in the winter and cooler in the summer. For more information, click here.

We want to get married in the Bahamas -- what do we need to do?
You need to arrive in the Bahamas at least 24 hours prior to the ceremony. Bring birth certificates and photo IDs, and if you have been divorced also bring your final divorce decree (original or certified with raised seal). U.S. residents only are required to make a sworn declaration either at the U.S. Embassy in Nassau/Paradise Island (a $50 fee) or at the office of a Bahamian Notary Public (a $15 fee) if they have never been married. Other nationals (both parties) are required to bring sworn affidavits in English stating that the parties concerned were never married. No blood tests required. For more information, call 1-888-NUPTUAL, or contact the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism's People-to-People/Weddings Department at 242-356-0435-8 or call the Registrar General's office at 242-322-3316.

Can we bring our dog with us on vacation?
Pets over 6 months of age are allowed into the Bahamas as long as you have a permit. You can get a permit by writing to the Director of Agriculture, attn. Permit Section, Post Office Box N-3704, Nassau, Bahamas. Include your full name and address, the expected date of arrival, your pet's sex, age, breed, country of export, and your final destination in the Bahamas. There is an application fee of $10, which covers one or more of the same type of animal, but if you need the permit quickly send $15 instead and they will fax it to you.

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